Safety Logbook

More confidence with the
SSVV Personal Safety Logbook


SSVV introduced the National Personal Safety Logbook in 1998. The Logbook is a personal document containing

records of the holder’s employment history and all relevant (safety) training courses. Employees issued a Personal

Safety Logbook possess a convenient and rapid means of furnishing information about their diplomas and certificates,

as well as their medical examinations. Moreover the Logbook offers clients an opportunity to inspect the information

at the gate or at the site.

A new edition of the Personal Safety Logbook was published at the end of January 2001. This new edition is an amalgamation of the SSVV National Personal Safety Logbook and the Antwerp Provincial Safety Institute’s Personal

Safety Logbook. Consequently the new trilingual (English, Dutch and French) Logbook is accepted throughout Belgium

and the Netherlands.

The price of the Personal Safety Logbook is EUR 8.50 per copy, exclusive of VAT and exclusive of postage.